reach for MORE THAN FRIES,
REACH FOR the stars 🚀


The goal was to increase applications for the McDonald's HACER scholarship by 5% each year, over the next three years. We also recognized that Hispanic students needed resources and support beyond financial assistance. So we made the decision to evolve McDonald’s (HACER®) from a scholarship into a program and updated its mission and strategy to: prepare, enable, and inspire students to pursue higher education and turn their dreams into a reality. 

We partnered with the first Latina astronaut and former McDonald's crew member, Katya Echazarreta, to inspire Hispanic students to reach for more than fries, to reach for the stars. 
The 2022-2023 McDonald's HACER® campaign featured Katya in TV spots, radio ads, social media, and a mentorship program, offering scholarships up to $100,000. Katya also spoke to more than 3,000 students nationwide, held one-on-one mentorship sessions, and hosted virtual sessions. 

We achieved a 20% increase in submitted scholarship applications and earned media impressions increased by 6291% versus prior year.

Another huge team and multiple agencies worked on this. Love you too!

Effies USA 2024 Bronze (Positive Change: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion)
Effies USA 2024 Finalist (Multicultural)

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